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What will the
future bring?

New knowledge and new technologies are essential if we are to realise the energy transition. Energysense is an independent initiative on energy, at population-level. Energysense aims to provide researchers from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen and from other institutions, with energy information from 10 000 households in the Netherlands. Businesses and governements can also access this information, under strict conditions, to develop or test innovations for the energy transition. With input from households, Energysense can help researchers to find better answers and to accelerate the transition. Together, we can meet the energy challenge.



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Why we work with households

Energysense aims to understand how patterns in energy use, behaviour and attitudes are changing. We gather data for research from meters and questionnaires—you can participate in this unique project, even if you don’t currently have a smart meter. Taking part is easy, and not only is it interesting for you as a participant, it’s crucial for us all.


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“Living Lab”

I see Energysense as a “Living Lab”, where I can develop new ways of dealing with energy. By doing research with Energysense, I can work with households and with colleagues from other faculties or from businesses.
-Dr Katharina Gugerell, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen

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