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On the 20th of September Energysense, as one of 16 parties, committed to the Energy Transition Plan of Loppersum, a town in Groningen Province and a troubled epicenter of gas extraction problems. Programme Manager Anne Beaulieu undersigned the agreement. The plan is scheduled to run upto the year 2023. Energysense will monitor the project and measure behavioural effects of the plan actions.

The Loppersum Energy Transition Plan was developed in a combination of the city council's own ambitions and the efforts that are being developed for the area as part of rehabilitation of gas extraction problems that have cumulated here. Alderman Schollema: 'Our town hosts a multitude of sustainable actions and it is good to see further development like today as an offset against the gas extraction troubles. We aim to eventually push the plan forward in our region and we will of course share good results with other municipalities.'
The Plan consists of 6 distinguished projects, of which  'zero measurement & monitoring' is the Energysense-contribution, using present and future data of our research programme. A great adaptation of the Energysense-programme and a direct contribution to the energy transition.
'This plan has been designed using data, energy-cooperatives and renewable energy sources to turn the town of Loppersum into an energy-neutral society. With this approach we will be able to switch all of our communities over in the future,' said  Province of Groningen representative Nienke Homan.

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