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Groningen – This week the government funding for a major project on energy saving-warranty for home owners, ENPREGA, came through, enabling the Energysense-infrastructure to make a significant step forward. Energysense is a large scale longitudal research infrastructure –to be based on 10,000 Dutch households- that will map everything there is to know on Dutch energy behavior. It is a flagship project of Energy Academy Europe, pursued by the University of Groningen. The 1.3 million EURO ENPREGA-project will provide a new service by 2019 that will be instrumental in energy saving by private home owners. Energysense and Groningen University will play a significant part in the construction of the new service.

Many private home owners are struggling to implement energy saving measures or are not confident in the return on their investments. As a result households continue to use up too much energy. Based on the input provided by the Energysense-data and the Groningen University Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences the new service will be constructed. With this, home owners will be completely unburdened in taking energy saving measures and will be reassured of the return on their investments. The ENPREGA-service will thus be contributing to further energy saving by and sustainability of Dutch households.

ENPREGA is initiated by Susteen, market leader in energy consultancy for private households. The project is executed in cooperation with Qurrent and Enelogic, University of Groningen and UNETO-VNI. The government funding is part of the Topsector Urban Energy-policy.

Energysense is a flagship project of Energy Academy Europe, pursued by the University of Groningen. Energy Academy Europe is the international centre of excellence for energy transition focusing on education, research and innovation, initiated by Hanze University of Applied Sciences and University of Groningen and is supported by corporate partners from the energy field.


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