Data set delivery debut

A new milestone: recently Energysense delivered its first dataset, this ‘first one’ upon request of the University of Groningen’s Faculty of Spatial Sciences. The questionnaire  about the impact of societal energy initiatives was compiled by Professor Dr. Ina Horlings and her team.

Out of 390 Energysense-participants who were selected to engage, a total of 279 questionnaires was completed and returned, including many positive and enthousiastic responses. The data sets were handed over to the research team in July.

The initial analyses of the available data have now been compiled by the project’s researchers and the follow-up is planned to take place later this year. More than 2/3 of the Energysense-participants have announced to take part in the interviews.

' This project will provide insight into the bottom-up dynamics of the energy transition and into how sense of place and place-specificity can form a basis for participation in energy sustainability initiatives,' says Horlings. To be continued!

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