Who is

Energysense is a project of the University of Groningen. The project started in 2014 and brings together a large group of people across different areas of expertise. The project team works with a large group of researchers and businesses. Click here for more information about our partners and here for more information about experts. The European Union contributes to the Living Lab function of Energysense.


And of course, we work together with many participating households.

More information about participating


Together, these parties proudly  form Energysense.


Board of directors

The Board of Directors has two members from the University of Groningen. They oversee the course of the project and ensure that the project connects to other initiatives.

Jos Roerdink

Ernestine Gordijn


Scientific Board

The Scientific Board of Energysense is the scientific body made up of 7 resaerchers from different disciplines who oversee the scientific quality of the project.

Prof. Linda Steg
Professor of environmental psychology, chair of the board

Dr. ir. Jan Jaap Aué
Dean Centre of Expertise Energy, Hanzehogeschool Groningen


Prof. Marco Aiello
Professor of distributed systems

Prof. Machiel Mulder
Professor of Regulation of Energy Markets


Dr. Casper Albers
Associate professor in statistics

Dr. Jacob Dijkstra
Assitant professor of sociology


Prof. Andre Faaij
Distinguished Professor Energy System Analysis and scientific director of the New Energy Alliance