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Energysense is aimed at households in the Netherlands and at researchers and innovators worldwide. Energysense is an infrastructure for research and innovation in energy that contributes to accelerating the energy transition and to making society more sustainable in the area of energy.  Energysense aims to reach this goal by enabling research and developing innovative and practical insights.








Households are crucial

Households can play a crucial role in accelerating the energy transition and in making our world more sustainable. That’s why Energysense collects data on energy use, behaviour and attitude with Dutch households.

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Energysense works for and with households

Every household in the Netherlands can participate. There are two groups in Energysense: a representative national cohort, and a volunteer sample that is concentrated in the Northern Netherlands. Energysense works for and with households: all sustainable insights and outcomes are fed back into society. Energysense, in partnership with households is creating new solutions for the energy transition. We welcome input and questions you may have for our researchers, so please get in touch.



More information on participating in Energysense can be found on the page 'Meedoen'

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Through Energysense, we can also find out which innovations and applications are effective.  Energysense enables testing of new technologies and energy services, on behalf of households, researchers, small and large businesses and governments. Energysense is eager to collaborate. For an overview of opportunities, seen our page on collaboration.

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