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Energysense manages the data collection, data storage and data access and is the guardian of all data collected. Energysense is also the primary contact for participating households.




Recruitment and participants

Energysense is recruiting a cohort of participants via a randomised sampling approach. Participants are recruited according to a protocol designed by the Scientific Board of Energysense. This cohort is representative for the Netherlands. It will only be monitored and will not take part in intervention studies. Besides this cohort, Energysense also has a group of participants who register via announcements in media, via Energysense partners or via events. The two groups are carefully documented and can be exclusively selected for purposes of data collection and data analysis.

Acces to data: context and policy

Energysense manages the data collection, data storage and data access and is the guardian of all data collected within the framework of Energysense. Energysense is the prime contact party for the households participating in Energysense.

The data is made available by Energysense for research and innovation that contributes to the energy transition. Household have given informed consent to use their data for this purpose only. The data can be used by researchers employed at a university, knowledge institute, governmental organisation, NGO, or private company, as long as the data is used for research, and as long as these parties commit themselves to strict privacy regulations.

Research pursued in partnership with business, and research on innovation is part of the scope of Energysense. Research that is purely for marketing purposes is not part of the aims of Energysense and therefore not allowed. Research that aims to increase consumption of energy is also outside the boundaries of acceptable use. For all researchers, the same data access procedures apply. The Energysense data may not be shared, linked or copied without prior approval by Energysense. For an overview of the available data please visit our Data Catalogue.

Data Catalogue




Using Energysense data or infrastructure

Energysense is a data resource and research infrastructure. Both the data and infrastructure are available for research and innovation studies. There are three different options for working with Energysense:

  1. Data request. Researchers can access data, that has already been collected within Energysense, for their research and innovation purposes;
  2. Data collection request. Researchers can request for an additional data collection within the Energysense population and use this newly collected data together with the already collected data for their researcher or innovation purposes. An example of this would be request to include additional questions in one of the questionnaires or implement a new measure in a (subgroup) of the population. High quality instruments must be used, so as to ensure that the panel is being used properly;
  3. Infrastructure request. Researchers can request for a new data collection outside the current Energysense population. This is in particular suitable for intervention studies. Researchers can propose questionnaires or other modes of data collection and define the specific population to be included in the new study.

Overview of data access procedure

For access to the Energysense data or infrastructure, Energysense has put a procedure in place to ensure that researchers receive data suitable for the proposed research in an efficient way and to ensure that the data is used according to the ethical and legal constraints of Energysense.

As a first step, researchers have to register their interest with Energysense and submit a data request describing their research. To submit such a proposal, please get in touch with Energysense to request a proposal form. Once Energysense has received the form, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Energysense will perform a pre-review to assess the feasibility of the requested research. Subsequently, the request will be forwarded to the Energysense Scientific Board for scientific review. After approval by the Scientific Board, Energysense will contact you regarding a Data Access Agreement and to arrange data access.

You may contact Energysense to express interest or request additional information at any time.

Direct contact


Step 1: Submission

Research proposal submission (research team and affiliation, aims of the research, required data sets or new data collection)


Step 2: Feasibility check

Handling and pre-review (check on feasibility, completeness of proposal and compliance with ethical and legal framework)


Step 3: Scientific review

Review by Scientific Board


Step 4: Data access

Agreements and data access (data access agreement, fee for use, access via research portal)