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Project coordinator and affiliation Frank Gerritsma, Susteen


Partners in project Qurrent, Enelogic, University of Groningen (Dr C. Albers, Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences and Dr A. Beaulieu, Energysense), UNETO-VNI.


Timeframe of the project 2016-2018


Main research question Can we develop an energy-saving guarantee for home owners, based on an acceptable legal framework, on outcomes of interventions and on complex data analysis?


Aims and planned outcomes of the project This project will lead to the creation of new services for energy efficiency, based on new insights about what really works with homes in the Netherlands. These new services will help home owners make effective investments. A PhD project (Fac. Behavioural and Social Sciences) and an analysis of insights from intervention studies (Energysense) are also part of ENPREGA’s outcomes.


Funding TopSector, Urban Energy

Renewable energy use in offices





Leading researcher and affiliation G.A. Pagani, Distributed Systems Group , Computer Science, University of Groningen
Partners in project M. Aiello, A. Lazovik, B. Setz, T.A. Nguyen, I. Georgievski, Computer Science, University of Groningen
Timeframe of the project February-March 2016
Main research question How can we simulate an office powered by renewable energy and using storage devices, by using real time data from households with renewable energy?
Aims and planned outcomes of the project This simulation with help test the working equipment in a modern office powered by self-produced energy, in the context of a market with multiple selling parties with different prices. It will provide insight into the possibility of using storage devices.
The research will lead to a research publication.