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Energysense is a large scale,  independent programme on energy use and behaviour in Dutch households, initiated by the University of Groningen. With the support of and data from 10,000 Dutch households, researchers will work on addressing energy issues. Researchers, businesses and governmental institutions partnering with Energysense can put our data to use for research and for designing or testing their innovations.

After all, together we create real solutions.



"In order to stimulate the energy transition we need to increase both knowledge and practical insights. Energysense contributes to this goal."

Nienke Homan
Member for energy transition of the Provincial Executive

Sustainable energy future

In order to achieve meaningful results and solutions that can drive energy-related innovations on every level, Energysense seeks the commitment and support of companies with relevant expertise that wish to contribute to the transition to a sustainable energy system. Our goal is to set up collaborative partnerships between scientific researchers and companies. We will help you address your questions using our database and will help set up research to support your innovation. In addition, we will provide you with living lab to test your new service or product, with scientifically supported results.


Energysense connects research, innovation and households



Energy Lab

Energysense is a living lab comprised of 10,000 households. We have a close working relation with energy lab EnTranCe, providing  access to a vast network of expertise and facilities.


Current Partners